A list of resources, for your use for drawing, but mostly because this is the only place where I can keep the links without them getting deleted out of my browser on accident.

Redwolf518stock (Image textures)
Phelandavion (War, action, and Batman poses stock)
LaLunatique (Action, normal poses, sports, and lots of other stock poses)
Movie Screencaps (is great if you’re thinking of a pose from a movie and you want to go get it)
Your Shot (Just put in a tag and hopefully the Nat Geo database will have what you’re looking for)
Bryan Wynia (very organized collection, which is especially good for making creatures)
Katie Pf (Good for costumes and animals)
Guns and Weapons from the Musee De Larmee


Neofox (Mishmash of stuff for drawing people)
Level Up has a huge collection of links including brushes, and textures, and digital galleries of anything.

(Guess what, Opera updated and wiped out all my bookmarks- exactly why I have this page)

Gesture Drawing and hands and feet practice