Grand Moff Tarkin

I’m definitely not convinced that it’s him, it’s his uncanny likeness. Tough work to even get it to look like him. But pretty good considering this is the result of hours of drawing eyes, noses, mouths, ears.

GrandMoffTarkin Not bad, eh? I’d certainly like to see better results in the future.



5 thoughts on “Grand Moff Tarkin

    1. I did it digital. I got these great brushes and textures today from that really helped this painting look like a more natural kind of thing, I think.
      Oh my goodness, I loved Rogue One, but yes Grand Moff in CGI was actually kind of distracting to me. Something was off about it and it kept bugging me, but regardless that’s an amazing technological advance that I’ve never seen before.

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      1. Cool, about the brushes! I forgot what program you said that you use.

        As for the uncanny valley character, I know its super hard to make digital people look real. I know it can be achieved though. Have you seen Captain America Civil War? They recreated Robert Downey Jr as a young boy. When I saw that I was floored! That digital character was done right!

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      2. I have not seen Civil War but I looked it up and yeah I can’t tell. I was reading, however, that they did it with him and then put a face on top of Downey like they did with Maz Kanata in The Force Awakens. Peter Cushing was already dead so maybe that was part of the problem.


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