Ok here’s my painting for the week. I’m trying to do one a week just to practice, obviously.


Wow, Scar has come a long way, hasn’t he? I don’t know if any of you remember the last time I did him but man have I learned a lot since then! Me, being stupid person that I was (and I probably still am) thought it was all about style. NOOOO. Style doesn’t matter! Applying everything you’ve learned is what matters!

I did it again because I found the Photoshop file and it was already color blocked and everything. Lol, my artwork that I thought was so cool at the time made a good base for this. I had to re-do the sketch and therefore re-block the whole thing, but I wasn’t sitting for a few hours debating on which colors are the “true” colors of Scar.
Also I was curious to see how he would turn out. I sent Gary Locke my gorilla and he said I should add more contrast to where I want people to look, so I really tried to apply that with Scar.

I kept thinking… in my subconsciousness… that I should maybe take screenshots and post them… but when I’m working that’s like the last thing I want to be doing. Sorry, Luke, I’ll try to remember.

Gosh the drawing just looks so bland after you’ve stared at it for hours on end. I’m happy with the result… just always ready to move on.


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