Scar ver. 2

YES! I LOVE this style! This is the kind of embodiment of what I wanted to accomplish with my style but never knew how, and I want to STICK WITH IT. I found out that I want a blend of Disney Infinity, Alexandra Douglass, and some Isaac Orloff in there. Now I want to improve on it, by studying Disney Infinity art and of course art from Gigantic.


If you have not seen the art from Gigantic, go to and look at the “Heroes” page. It is AWESOME. A little bit more sloppy than I like, but I want to learn to use the unique approach to forms and color. Also, the Alexandra Douglass solution for backgrounds I NEED TO LEARN. Basically her backgrounds are the most simple, and yet you can tell what they are. She is also terrible at backgrounds when trying to paint them, just like I am. (She is better than me at it but not very good).



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