John Whittaker

FAN ART. AIO geek-ness again.



Creating this one was really interesting. (the next few paragraphs will be better understood if you’re an AIO fan) ┬áBecause this is AIO fan art I obviously referenced Gary Locke’s stuff, but because this was translating to actual human proportions, I decided to only use the art from the show’s reboot, not the ‘teddy bear Whit’, and then I was haunting aiowiki and found artwork by Bruce Day, and I was like, he had something there! Bruce Day’s art was more generic, the distinction between characters was less, but I saw the stuff from the original albums, something was lost when they switched to Gary Locke and they never got it back. With Gary Locke they got actual characters, but Bruce day’s characters had a sort of feeling that I tried to get back in this drawing.

Whit was looking strong, almost young, so I had to old man him up a little bit, and then he was looking too much like the first art after the reboot, so I added some more color and vibrance, and then the rag was the clincher.

BTW you AIO fans go look at owl.bait on Instagram- serious AIO fan art there. However I think her 10,000 followers came from doing My Little Pony, not AIO fan art so beware. XD


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