Zombie Clown

Ok… this was not my idea… trying to practice photoshop tutorials and I went and did this one, the clown is not original. I went and downloaded it (there was no indication that the tutorial was a zombie clown) and then I opened it and I was like, ohhh…

Except surprisingly it was ridiculously fun. I’m probably not going to finish it because I got a JOB DOING CONCEPT ART!!!!!!!

zombieclown (2)

It makes me smile every time I see it now, it just looks silly to me. I love the way the hair turned out because every time I look at Gary Locke’s stuff I always wonder how he does the hair. I don’t think this is the way it’s done but it’s a start. Speaking of Gary Locke, I got to have a conversation with him over email and he gave me some pointers on my stuff and books to read and people to study. I can’t thank him enough!



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