Splatoon Inkling Girl (+ revisions)

All right, we have the Nintendo art contest, and guess who’s going to give it a shot. Here’s the base character for one of my T-shirt ideas, by the time you read this it will be finished and sent to Nintendo, so sorry you can’t enter it. 😀

Here is number one that I did:


I know, you’re like awmigosh so impressive!!!

Here’s placing all body parts and the like, number 2:


YOU’RE A SQUID YOU’RE A KID and you will be HAUNTED for the rest of your life!

All right and here’s the final one:


Not too terribly traumatizing, right? I’m still going to have to do some more revising but the rest of it will be digital, I think. The right leg (my right) is worrying me a little bit I might have to change that some more. I don’t understand why standing like that is so fashionable but hey, it does look kind of cool. When it’s done right.  :/ Hmmm….


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