The Otter Warrior drops in

I think this is perhaps one of the best I’ve ever done.


I’ve been trying to practice classic comic book art, and I have been looking at a lot of comic books to see how they do stuff.

I’ve been pretty busy working on my animated short which is looking like it’s going to be longer than originally planned. I decided I had to do storyboarding before I do anything else, and that has turned out to be a good idea, but it took me three weeks to do it. :/ Hopefully it will save time in the end by showing me what I need and what I don’t. I think there is a reason that professionals do it.

Listen to this! Crowder’s new single! YAAAAAY!!!!!

We’ll see if that works. I did do just the audio with a Spotify embed but it kept opening in a new tab to the page on Spotify and that’s not what I want.


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