And more people

So, I seem to have gotten the hang of faces, there’s one more posted here, now I have moved on to anatomy and I am struggling to make it accurate… I’ll get there eventually. More strangely-named people!

Finally, I can draw decent faces!!

This lady is staring intently into the eyes of a hippopotamus. We shall call her the tamer of the wild beast.


Fail. Fail. Fail. On so many levels. I’m not sure this guy even deserves a name so how about Stick. He is not very strong so he is going to photoshop a 100 pound weight into his hand.


Another pretty good fail not as bad as the guy above. She is gesturing to the woodchuck that just ate her left high heel.


Okay, this guy is not so much a fail, besides the fact that he needs to put some more clothes on. He is getting ready to dive into a pool of kool-aide to get his keys to his garage, because his golf cart is stuck in the garage and he lost the keys in the pool. His name is Bam-Bam.



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