Random peoples

Aww right we are learning to draw people folks and they are turning out pretty decent!

Let me introduce you.

This guy’s name is Disney Channel Teenage Heartthrob.


This lady’s name is I Like Eyeliner


And this lady’s name is A Normal Human Being.


And I got published in Clubhouse Magazine again, and I can’t show you until August. They actually asked me to illustrate a story this time so I got to do that digitally and that was fun. They caught me the day I went on vacation, go figure.

I’m also working on that movie, I threw 3-D rendering to the wind. I hate it. So, I am back to doing 2-D animation, and I am storyboarding right now, so I will add voices and music to that and hopefully put it on here when it’s done, I just started today. It will make it easier to animate.

And then there’s this thing called WARM WEATHER so I have spent some time¬†playing video games¬†mountain bike riding, it’s so much fun! There’s a trail about a mile and a half away from our house so I can just get on my bike and go.


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