Sith Guy

Boy I like this artstyle!

I was pacing for three hours debating whether or not I should draw something from Pokemon, Adventures in Odyssey, or Star Wars, and I was like, forget it let’s just sit down and draw something.


I guess Star Wars won in the end. I was trying to see how to do reflections in this style and I guess it turned out pretty good! It’s so much fun!! I was also wondering how fast I could get a drawing done, because when concept artists get paid to do this they have to do it fast. And guess what… this is fast.

Totally hooked on Andy Mineo’s music today and yesterday. Rap, yo.


10 thoughts on “Sith Guy

  1. It looks great! That art style is very nice, and i like the cloud of dust around the Sith’s feet. Ugh i despise rap, its so annoying! Christian Rock is the way to go, im hooked on Red, Skillet, Thousand Foot Kructh, and Pillar. That’s the good stuff!


      1. I find rap very annoying. Out of the 4 christian rock bands i listen too Skillet is probably my least favorite. If you think Red is too dark, you would probably really like Pillar and Thousand Foot Krutch.


      2. I’m listening to Pillar right now. Me like. 🙂 I actually think I might like this better than Skillet and I’m only on the first track!
        I have Spotify.


      3. His voice especially. That’s the one thing about Skillet I’m always like… bleh. It’s better on the harder songs but on the soft songs the lead singer is just totally weird sounding.


      4. Yea, I don’t like any rap songs Christian or not, but i only really listen to christian music. Sometimes i listen to other non Christian songs, but only if the have good lyrics. Im not against non Christian music if it has good lyrics, and the band members aren’t total wackjobs

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