Machamp (fail!)

So, I was doing Machamp from Pokemon, and it looked really good, but Adobe Creative cloud was eating all my memory because it was automatically running in the background, so I closed Gimp to uninstall Adobe, and that was the end of Machamp. đŸ˜¦


Thank God I was taking screenshots while I worked. This is the only actual picture I have. Stupid files getting corrupted. This has happened to me before, now I remember why I quit using Gimp.

But you can see how I was making it, anyway!

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I have this neat book that shows you how to draw video game stuff, and does exercise in artists like Michaelangelo. So, I figured I would draw this guy because Pokken Tournament just came out and I thought he looked pretty neat! And then I could do all of the exercises at once!

The art style was not originally intended to be that way. I got totally hooked on Smashified!, and I decided I would try it, but right about the time I got to the arm, I realized that the basic color blocking makes an awesome style of its own!


One thought on “Machamp (fail!)

  1. That is so good! Its a shame the files got corrupted, but at least you have screen shots. I really want to get Pokken tournament but i have like no money.


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