Secret Island

With the secret fortress! It’s a little too boxy, I admit, but I’m not about to design a complicated fortress that appears in one shot of the movie. A very quick sketch.


And my clone is coming along well, it would be better if I had remembered to save the file. 😀 Live and learn, I guess. I only lost about thirty minutes of work.

So, I was looking at the movie Bolt very carefully, and for the stuff that didn’t really need to appear very long they didn’t actually render it. They did a digital diorama with a digital painting of the building/landscape etc., and then just threw it in there. I wasn’t able to tell until I looked closely at it. So… that may help. Then because the characters appear on the roof I can do just the roof part. I’m thinking I drew this a little small… nope, just giant palm trees.


3 thoughts on “Secret Island

  1. Nice! They do a similar rendering trick with the new GPU chips (supposedly gonna be in the NX) where it processes the image before it gets to the GPU and throws away as many triangles as possible that wont be in your line of sight, but keeps enough so that if you turn to face them it can put everything back into place before you can see to tell the difference. It makes the GPU run 20% better (or more).

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