Stormtrooper front/side

The Force Awakens was awesome, would you agree?

I have to render this one too, along with the droid, I figure get all the not original characters out of the way first. Trying to do an animated short for the contest next year. I oversimplified it, like way, so that I don’t have to take TWO WEEKS TO DO IT! 😡

I also need to practice doing the multiple view stuff like I did here because that is what concept artists do.

We had to have a bad guy for our short… we came up with… Darth Bad. XD


3 thoughts on “Stormtrooper front/side

  1. Force awakens was the best Star Wars movie! That looks really good! The only thing i would say is that the front facing Storm Trooper’s head looks a bit squashed, but the side facing on doesn’t. Other than that they’re really good.


    1. 😀 I was noticing that I’m glad someone else did too. The front one was the first one I did so I was kind of getting a feel for it by the time I did the second one. Thanks, though.


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