Unfinished house in Blender

All right, we are doing 3D modeling again but this time it looks WAY more realistic! And I haven’t even started on textures yet!!


It looks so cool!!! Made with Blender 2.77. I have a lot to learn yet! *Noob alert*.


7 thoughts on “Unfinished house in Blender

  1. Wow! Thats a very good modeling software! What are the specs of your computer? ( it should say on the side of the tower, if not you can look up the serial number to find out)


    1. 4 GB RAM, 2.30 GHz Intel CPU, 64 bit. It’s recommended that you use a computer with two dual monitors and 16 GB RAM. That’s why I want to use my Dad’s computer at some point, it has 16 gigs of RAM, I’m always afraid of breaking it though. 🙂


      1. I am, but that’s not why i asked, im just curious because you said it was really slow. But yea, generally for high quality 3d modeling and rendering, you would want 16 GBs of ram, and probably an I5, but best would be an 6 core I7.


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