Pencil Painting Training & Books

I can’t believe it.  It looks like a tree. I love pencil painting!!!!

Aww man the picture didn’t show up right. Well, trust me, it looks WAY better in person, there’s another hill back there and the sky is actually varying all the way down the page. Ah, well.


Well, it still looks cool. I love this style because I can do it in like an hour.

So, since this is instruction from a book I’m learning from since I am in desperate need of learning landscapes (because I get to illustrate some AIO fanfiction which is AWESOME.) I feel like I have read enough drawing books in my lifetime to warrant some recommendations so here we go.

NUMBER 1: “Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad“. If there ever was THE BOOK that started my own skill, this is the one. It is a cartooning book that builds you from literally no experience with drawing. At all. It shows you how to draw in 3-D just about anything, king banana, buildings, a hat with little dudes living in it, a pencil spaceship, you name it. The really cool part about it is that if you want to take the pledge in the beginning of the book, you won’t watch T.V. for 2 weeks and instead use that T.V. time to do one of the lessons in the book. If you stick to the lesson schedule, it will take you two weeks to get through the book.

Number 2: “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain“. I hated this book when I went through it in art class (so I haven’t actually gone through the whole thing) but I actually pulled some extremely useful things out of it. I now wish I had read it more thoroughly.

Number 3: “You Can Draw Cartoon Animals“. I LOVE Christopher Hart’s  work. This is a great book, for beginners as well and that’s why I went through it right after the Draw Squad book.

Number 4: “Drawing Animals Made Amazingly Easy” Also by Christopher Hart. It is not so much a book for beginners unless you have a lot of perseverance. This is the one I’m trying to take by storm, lol.

Number 5: “Learn To Draw 3-D“. This one will not really be worth the money unless you can get it really cheap like I did. I found it incredibly useful in learning one-point and two-point perspective, I had recently gone through the book when I did my post Dino Run. That’s all it teaches though, is one point and two point, which can be obtained through books elsewhere.

So, I will say right now I’m going through Drawing Scenery: Landscapes and Seascapes by Jack Hamm. This one is comprehensive with a lot of paragraphs, but I finally got to the part where he encourages you to apply what you’ve learned to a picture, and that’s why I have done above. 🙂


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