Buck Oliver


Say hello to… Buck Oliver! Because I wanted to!


Now, those of you who read ClubHouse magazine and saw the ‘official artwork’ (masterfully done by Gary Locke) will be like, wait, your picture is not Buck Oliver. We all must remember that official artwork doesn’t really stick with people as far as Adventures in Odyssey goes. Even the actors who play the characters (Will Ryan, in particular) are not satisfied with the official artwork and so they draw some themselves. And so, this is more like how I imagine Buck. I have no idea what put it into Mr. Locke’s head that Buck had a biker jacket. He talks with a southern accent, he chews on a toothpick (oh great, now I have to draw another picture because I forgot the toothpick!), he is exceedingly polite and he is an ex-counterfeiter, is 15 or 16 (a fact that is really hard to convey in this drawing), and is a heart throb to like three characters. I was thinking more western getup.

Drawn with pencil, erased a thousand times, do you people know how hard it is to draw a stupid cowboy hat!? and then traced over with blue and black pen. The blue pen is what was used to give the softer shading effects.


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