Boxer Sonic

Just doing some doodles in my off-time of working on my secret project. It’s relaxing to doodle random things, and this is one of them. A boxing Sonic.


I was thinking about drawing something for Mario Day, or Mar10 day, but I don’t know what to draw, and I don’t really want to. I have the secret project, and I need to do something relaxing when I’m not doing that.

BTW has anyone taken Sega’s survey?? I was like, JEEZ, they don’t know how to even make a decent survey!! I think they’re going mobile, that was what half the survey was about. If you love Sega, answer NO to everything pertaining unto the mobile games. It would be an absolute disaster if they went mobile, considering the negative reactions to Nintendo’s mobile, though there are very much positive reviews for Sonic Jump. But how do you sustain a company on Sonic Jump?? Considering the T.V. show’s declining ratings, it wouldn’t surprise me if they actually made a move to do a big mobile, especially if Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice hits store shelves and doesn’t sell. I played the demo of The Shattered Crystal and it was TERRIBLE. The boss battle was tolerable, extremely predictable after the first thirty seconds, though. They need to go back to the original Sonic the Hedgehog, put it into HD, with like a option of retro or modern graphics, and sell it. It would be GREAT! Like, gosh, what’s wrong with the original game??? Nothing! So reuse it like Nintendo has been doing for the past thirty years with Mario!

Sorry, have to rant. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Boxer Sonic

  1. I love the Sonic drawing! I agree, they should either do what you suggested and go back to old Sonic, or take a break from it for a few years (which will have fans BEGGING for it) and THAN make another game. Frankly, I’m all for your idea!


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