Boris Vs. Bogo

Disney’s new movie Zootopia is coming out Friday, and I was laughing to myself because their character Chief Bogo looks kind of like my character Chief Boris so I sketched this up:

Boris vs. Bogologo

This is encouraging to me, when something Disney puts in a movie is following my train of thought. I haven’t mentioned it on the blog before but everyone at my church’s Youth Group knows I want to be a concept artist for Disney or DreamWorks. Anyway, I saw this character and I suddenly had the feeling of OH YEAH!? WELL TAKE THIS! 😀

IDK, who looks better? I really need to get the hang of fast sketches.

At some point I will read the review of the movie on Plugged In, the Christian movie reviewers. They thought Star Wars was FANTASTIC, and speaking of Star Wars, we may have some Star Wars coming up here so stay tuned!


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