Celtic Lion

So, this is my secret plan to make money, sell these on Etsy.

Adult coloring pages are like, way in, and I personally would not sit down and do something like that, but other people do,  so you know, cool. It was actually very enjoyable to make this but the question remains… would you honestly buy a pack of say five different ones for three dollars on instant download? Would you buy this work to color?

Celtic Lion watermark

Of course, I put the watermark there because if I end up selling them then I don’t want them stolen. It was actually kind of enjoyable to work on, I think it might need a little editing, but I already tried some like, mandala kind of things and I was like, BLEH! Then my mother suggested Celtic knots and I was like, oohhh, that might work. Did I actually draw every individual knot? Of course not, that was why I was hating the mandala things. I drew one and paste, paste, paste paste! Anyway, give me some feedback, I’m not going to waste my time if I don’t think it will earn me some cash.

And if these become available on Etsy I will post the link, of course.



7 thoughts on “Celtic Lion

  1. I personally wouldn’t buy them just because I’m not into the adult coloring thing, but there are those out there that love that stuff. I say nothing ventured, nothing gained. Just try some and see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised!


  2. I would most definitely buy them! Three dollars for a pack of five different designs is a good deal! I probably won’t be able to buy them for awhile after they are on Etsy, but I will give the link to friends! Well… the little that I have…


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