Samurai Tiger


Samurai Tiger

We just got our new printer, this is the first scan on it. So far so good! It actually scans to SD CARDS, AND FROM PHONES. Crazy, right?? It has a touchscreen!! Apparently we bought the worst printer we could buy, at the wrong time, because one year later touchscreen printers came out. I feel like we have gone to a new century with this printer! At any rate, I figured out that I like charcoal when it’s brushed on. That’s what the shading is.  I’m happy too, because it looks like a tiger this time!

So, now I want to work on something with energy. For the video game geeks: remember Ganondorf’s artwork for Hyrule Warriors Legends? Energy. Lots and lots of energy. That is what I want to do. Maybe I will make a bad guy because bad guys have crazy energy.



3 thoughts on “Samurai Tiger

    1. Something with energy like Ganondorf. But at the moment I’m working on entries for Clubhouse 2016 because out of the blue they decided we only have THREE MONTHS! :/ to enter so I have to get my drawing finished up, and as it turns out we have to submit TWO! drawings so I have to figure out what to do for the second one…


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