George Bailey

We’re going to PRETEND it looks like George Bailey. 


I had no idea I would get this done so fast! I thought it would take me hours upon hours and it didn’t, so I’m happy. If you’ve watched the movie, this is the scene where they pause it on this picture and the angels start talking about him and you can’t help but giggle, because this is like the worst pose they could have paused it on. Anyway, the only way to get good at drawing actual likenesses of people is to practice so I am practicing.


21 thoughts on “George Bailey

      1. My sis says I need sleep. Even though I think sleep is over rated, she is threatening to throw my tablet out the window. Knowing her, she would do that. So, good night. I enjoyed talking to you!


  1. I know that it said to respond by replying above the line, but my email doesn’t give me an option as to where I reply–it has to be in this box. I just wanted to encourage you in your work. Good perspective! Keep it up!

    Ellis Parker


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