Contest Drawing (Christmas Play)

Three stinking weeks!! Finally finished!!

finalChristmasPlaywatermarkWahoo!! Ugh, I pretty much fell asleep at my desk and when I did I made some HUGE mistakes, like extending the stage instead of drawing the end of it, that was bad. And all kinds of other stupid things. This drawing is entitled ‘Christmas Play’, and if that doesn’t explain it, then the characters from the show (Adventures In Odyssey) are dressed from left to right as a shepherd, a wise man, Mary, and Mary’s donkey. I tried to stay true to the character’s normal outfits, so Mary’s (Connie’s) dress is green, the donkey (Eugene) is wearing his vest over the costume (just because it’s SO dorky!!) Β and glasses, of course. So is the shepherd (Whit). I looked at the official artwork for all the characters from the show and decided what was and wasn’t necessary for each of them to still be recognizable. Glasses are necessary, Wooton (the wise man) had to be wearing some variation of blue because no one has seen him otherwise, and the orange hair absolutely had to be sticking out of the turban/hat thing, and a reddish nose. The boots were because I wasn’t up to drawing the sandals of Jesus’ days on earth. FEET are so horrible to draw. And Connie has the green because if you listen to the show, you’ll know there’s an ongoing joke about how Connie can never seem to get rid of the green sweater. So it had to be green. That was a must.

Anyway, long post, but I spent three weeks on this drawing so I guess I get to do a long post. Hopefully FOTF won’t disqualify my for accidentally doing the wrong size of paper. I included a letter of explanation. You know, I keep thinking that maybe I should enjoy the fact that I am still a kid and have all kinds of free time, but my passion is drawing, and I’m always like, but I want to draw!! Now I will enjoy the fact that I still have free time, because I’m not drawing for work and don’t have deadlines!!! The amount of STRESS that comes with a deadline is tremendous and now I appreciate that I don’t have them yet. My self made deadline was December 1st, because they started picking winners on the first, but the actual deadline to have it postmarked is the 18th. Heh. Deadlines.

Back to drawing stuff I don’t have to finish!!!!


4 thoughts on “Contest Drawing (Christmas Play)

  1. Quite frankly, I don’t see the ‘stupid’ stuff you are talking about. I think the stage looks fine. It goes behind the curtain like it should. I love the fact that you identified the characters by the way they dress normally. Very nice! I like it!


    1. πŸ˜€ Thanks! Just got home from shipping it at the post office!! It cost 1.65 πŸ˜›
      I was so surprised, if you pay the post office starting at 60$, they will guarantee your package or mail will be anywhere in the WORLD you want it to be by tomorrow!! Can you believe that!? I am awed by the post office. πŸ˜€


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