Drink Coke, Santa Does!

Now, if you didn’t know this already, Coca-Cola’s advertisements of Santa Claus drinking Coke was what made Santa popular in the red coat and puff hat.


Coca-Cola obviously does not belong to me, but in the one in a billion chance they decide to sue, IT DOESN’T BELONG TO ME. There. 😀 I don’t know if I will do a second version of this, we’ll see.  Oh, and I digitally put the text there, so I could fade it a little, then it wouldn’t be so in your face. That an I had no idea how I was going to copy that logo.

Adventures In Odyssey is having a drawing contest that is Christmas themed, and the grand prize winner gets a phone call from Gary Locke. If you don’t know who that is, look up some of his artwork. You most likely have seen it at one point or another. Anyway, now I’m in I HAVE TO WIN mode because that would seriously be the coolest thing ever that has happened in my career thus far. Even before I knew about the contest I was thinking of all the questions I would ask Mr. Locke if I ever got to meet him. MUST WIN.


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