Captain Falcon

Captainfalcon UPDATE: This is my 100th post!! WOW!! 😀

F-Zero’s own CAPTAIN FALCON! I have never attempted Captain Falcon before, and here he is! I’m testing the read more insert. 😛 And I think I found my perfect watermark. Hooray!

Captain Falcon is getting ready for a falcon punch, and I take that seriously when I’m on the receiving end in SSBB. In SSB4 I play as Bowser so I have nothing to worry about, do I? 😉

Drawing Captain Falcon was interesting in the fact that he is a more complicated superhero type character, as far as his outfit goes. I had SO much trouble with the glove on his hand, trying to make it look round and yet the shape it’s supposed to be.

So, I think for my next project it’s going to be something to do with Christmas. I’ve been studying a lot of Norman Rockwell, and I think I might like to try drawing “Old St. Nick”, as he is called. I think of Santa Claus as St. Nick more nowadays, now that I have heard the actual story and seeing things like Norman Rockwell’s paintings have helped that along. Anyway, I can’t promise that will be my next drawing that goes onto this blog, because if I’m going to do something like that I have to do it right. Lots, and lots of sketches.


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