Cedar Waxwing

WOW this took me forever! I want to do another video game drawing. Maybe I’ll draw our parrot first.

cedarwaxwing (1) So, I decided just my website name would probably work as a watermark, I am not super concerned about people stealing my work because I’m honestly not that good… but, you know, might as well.

I’ll just say I got totally distracted and messed up on the berries, and filled them mostly in instead of only doing a little bit of dots on them. See the one berry with the super duper tiny dot? That’s the one I messed up on, so I did them all that way. Oh well.


One thought on “Cedar Waxwing

  1. Honestly I didn’t notice anything wrong with the berries, it looks really good! The dot shading works really good! It makes it look kinda like you wood burned it. I also really like the stomach. (Wow that sounds weird) I actually Woodburn, I’ll send you some photos of my work sometime, although I think most of them are in storage:(


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