Panther in Gimp

Awwww SNAP! Okay, so I’ve been looking into getting a drawing tablet, and my Aunt has one, so she’s at our house visiting and she brought it with her so I could try it out, see if I like it.

Pantheringimp It’s… awesome. I can’t finish it because I would need more time, but my aunt is leaving in a few days, and remember when I said I was having computer problems? Well, I apparently had a virus, and it started installing networks and junk on my computer, so we wiped out my OS and reinstalled Windows 10. However, I am considering going back to Windows 7, because the 10 OS is very full of bugs. And more bugs. If I get any more bugs I’m going to say that I’ve had it. So, we’ll see.

Anyway, the tablet is great, I am going to try to get one to do more stuff like that.


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