Lord Gargantuan Foulspleen, mwahahaha!!

Now, I’ve mentioned that I listen to this radio program, Adventures In Odyssey, and this character was in the live show they did and one of their super silly, random episodes. Well, I recently got the video of the live show, and watched the whole thing, and the actor for Foulspleen made some super silly faces, and so I just had to draw Foulspleen because of that.

Lord Gargantuan Foulspleen And then here’s an actual picture of Foulspleen’s actor, Townsend Coleman, who strangely looks a lot like Gargantuan Foulspleen… 🙂 Townsend Coleman 3

The guy on the right is Jess Harnell, he plays Captain Absolutely. 😀 AIO fandom. Oh, and to all you people who were referred from the OAC website, welcome, and expect more like this in the future! 😀


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