Houston, We Have A Problem…

The Pikmin say it all. 😀

Houston, there's a mysterious something on our radar... Now, I know that technically, Olimar doesn’t have eyes, but it looked too much like he was praying when he didn’t, which would have been funny, but that wasn’t my goal, he’s kneeling down and looking at the Red Pikmin. This is the first encounter of a Bulborb, and they don’t really know what to do…


29 thoughts on “Houston, We Have A Problem…

    1. I haven’t been working on any except the cartoon drawing at the moment, I’m kind of on pause because I’ve been trying to build something and then life got a little crazy again. 🙂 Heading to Youth Group soon.


      1. Ok. Sorry if this is intrusive or anything, but can we share pictures of each other over email? I want to feel like you’re my friend and that we know each other, rather that you being just anyone on a computer. I just want to personalize you more, so that you don’t feel like a computer somewhere.


      1. A woman was driving and turned onto our street. For whatever reason she wasn’t paying attention, hit a car, rode the side of it, hit another car, and flipped over. The car actually did many flips, and then settled on its side. She was the only person in the car. She’s pretty hurt, but she’s not bleeding or anything. They took her to the hospital.


      2. O_O Yikes. We actually had something like that happen during the winter last year, some guy flipped, broke a tree, hit a power pole, and landed upside down in some guy’s driveway. It was about two miles from where we live.


      1. Nope, no hunting for me! It’s the first ammibo I’ve gotten (or am going to get) since they first came out. It’s just WAY too hard to get them. Plus I’ve been spending my money on the games not ammibo. But since this was a bundle for the price of a regular game, I got it. I will then have Link, Yoshi, DK, Mario, and Yarn Yoshi as my ammibo collection. But if I had the money, I would buy every single ammibo that’s out.


      1. Nintendo said they are going to do more Nintendo directs, but that they weren’t saying when, or who would host them. I suspect we will get one soon, before the major holiday games release.


  1. Been playing Majoras mask 3D. Doing school. Watching chuggaconroy play Pikmin 3, okami (just finished that) and okami den (sequel to okami.) Exercising, over all nothing out of the ordinary. I think I’m gonna preorder yoshis wooly world soon, I’m waiting for them to announce the preorder bonuses. Same thing for Xenoblade Chronicles X.


    1. I think I used to watch chuggaconroy, did he do a Super Mario Sunshine playthrough?
      I’m busy drawing a cartoon guy from a radio show. That’s the magic about radio shows. The characters can look like anything you want them to. Is Yoshi’s Woolly World not out yet? I’ve been hearing quite a bit about it, I thought it was already out. Same with Xenoblade Chronicles X. Nintendo is good at marketing, I guess.


      1. Yoshi is out in Japan and UK but not in America, it comes out Oct 16th. Xeno X comes out Dec 4th it came out in March in Japan, takes a long time to translate a 300hr RPG lol! . I’m exited for both! Yes chugga did do a Sunshine let’s play, I watched that one about a month ago. Good luck on your drawings!


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