The Ehrman Mansion

I still exist guys!!! I feel bad that I haven’t posted anything, so I took a few hours and drew this for you. I went on vacation, this is the Ehrman Mansion at Lake Tahoe. I took 2 scans so you can see the whole drawing.

Ermine Mansion Ehrman Mansion It was incredible to go on the tour. I wasn’t able to fit the whole house on the paper, there’s like another wing that I missed off to the left. I drew part of this while staying at a friend’s house…in a sleeping bag, on the floor, at five in the morning, because I couldn’t sleep.

I am already planning a drawing I want to enter for next year’s member’s magazine for ClubHouse. I am going to experiment a little bit, along with working on the comic book, but I will share my experiments, so stay tuned! (And be patient! 😀  )


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