Beyond The Mask movie drawing

So this is what I did for the weekend, as I’ve said before, stones take forever.

Beyond the mask drawing There’s a contest for this movie, called Beyond The Mask. It’s a Christian Revolutionary War movie, with lots of explosions, and fire, and guns, and more green screen shots than a Hollywood movie. They did an amazing job, you can watch the trailer here:

I haven’t even seen the movie because the nearest on demand showing was three hours away, but it’s coming out on DVD at Walmart for 1 week only, beginning September 8th. Anyway, for this drawing I watched the trailer a bunch of times, Independence Hall was in the background of the trailer so I looked it up and drew it in the background. If you watch the trailer you’ll totally see where I got the horse.


8 thoughts on “Beyond The Mask movie drawing

      1. I don’t really have the money for that, do you think they will put it up online though? If so I’ll probably be able to find it on a free movie site.


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