Comic book character 2!

Getting this off the ground, on the weekend I think I’ll add a page to the blog where you can get to all the comic book stuff from there.

char5 First I’m going to say that I had to digitally heal the paper because I spilled stuff on it. Secondly, this is my first time with a calligraphy pen and ink, but it looks good so I’m happy. I’ll just have to get used to using it and then it will look better.

So this guy is a police chief, and his name will be Bruce or something heavy like that. And I can’t tell you a whole lot except the obvious… he’s a police chief. There is more to this character than meets the eye, I just have to decide what it is! I’ve actually already written issue 1, I think I’m going to work ahead, and release like 2 comic books per month or something. I need to set a date to start releasing them, like November or something. When I say work ahead, I mean work ahead.

In this picture it’s actually pretty difficult to see all the shadow, you might have to click on it.


15 thoughts on “Comic book character 2!

    1. Wait a minute, Batman, you got yourself a WP user? Awesome!! I know it’s you because all your comments have that picture on them now. As for the comic, I think I’ll set a date around that time, what I plan to do is draw a bunch of issues ahead of time, and then set a release date where they start getting put out twice a month. Last time I did something like that I had an unforseen setback, and it never happened. But that was filming, something that I love but there are parts of it that I absolutely hate so maybe that won’t happen with comics.


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