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Char1 final I don’t have a name for this guy yet, and I’m not telling anything about him, but I will say he’s going to be part of my comic books (if I ever get them off the ground). He’s based off a squid/octopus, (most of my characters will be based off of animals) and I can say for sure that he is from an alien planet. Or maybe the comics will take place on an alien planet. I have yet to decide!

I hand drew this, shaded it with a sharpie pen, and colored it in Gimp 2.8. I figured out how to make the lines transparent, so I don’t have to color around the dots. I put the lines on top instead of coloring around them.

I forgot to add a ground shadow, but I’m using dots as shadow instead of using darker colors. It’s easier that way, and I love the science behind it. In case you didn’t know, this is kind of like the way magazines are printed. When you print a magazine,  you lay a bunch of color dots, or pixels, next to each other and your brain runs them together. It’s the same with the dots in this drawing. Laying the dots next to the color makes your brain run them together, making it look like a darker color. I think it’s really cool. Stay tuned for more info on the comic book! I’m looking into FlipSnack for actually making the thing, I have yet to find out if you can embed the Adobe flash into your website for free.


14 thoughts on “Comic book character

  1. Haha that’s so cool that you just drew that by hand! I definitely think you have a talent for drawing, and it could certainly go somewhere in your life.
    I’m a self published author, and because hiring artists costs so much money, my sister and I do our own artwork too for my books! I’m not sure how hard you had to work to produce your character, but while drawing and coloring pictures is difficult, it’s certainly rewarding! Feel free to check out some of the artwork done for my book over at


      1. Thanks!
        Awesome plan! I wish the best of luck to you and your sister. It’s a great achievement, publishing a book.
        And I just noticed that your gravatar picture is the Final Smash ball from Super Smash Bros…haha, cool 🙂


      2. Total Smash Bros fan, are you?
        And yes, we even have a local author who has had books published, so at some point we plan to drop by and see is she likes my sister’s book and how we can get it published. If she ever finishes it…

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      3. That’s right! For the Time Limit games I like to be Marth and for Survival I like to be Lucario 😉
        That’s a really good idea! I wish I had that kind of resource. There’s actually a girl in my town that got a book published, but when I asked her about using the same company she used to publish her book, she told me to look into other places. Apparently she didn’t have a great publishing experience with that company…


      4. What SSB game do you have? I have Brawl and 4 on 3DS. For Brawl I use Toon Link and for SSB4 I use Bowser.
        We’ll talk to the author provided she wants to see us… that I can’t guarantee.

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    1. I read some of your book AUL it was really good! I’m actually writing a book also and our writing style is very similar. I take it that you have published the book already? I would let you read some of mine, but putting an unpublished book up on the Internet just doesn’t seem like a good idea😉. Oh and I’m a smash fan also (I’ve owned every one except melee which I played often at a friends house, and the 3ds one) and I currently have Toon Link, Fox, Lucina, and Roy as my mains. And I’m pretty good at a slew of other characters.

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      1. Haha another avid Brawler! Very cool.
        Well thanks for taking the time to read it! I’m glad you liked it. And yeah, I’ve self-published the first three of my series as eBooks. All of them are free until tonight if you wanna check them out! (
        If you want me to read some of your book, I’d be happy to! You could email it to me if you don’t want to post it on the internet. Glad to meet a fellow aspiring author 🙂


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