A Hidden Musical

Oh the things that you can find in an attic!

IMG_0963 A hidden musical I’ve included the scanned picture and then a pic I took with my Iphone so that you can see everything. By the way, we’re presending that the harp is a mini harp, for 2 reasons: 1: The actual scale harp will take up most of the back wall and not be quite as nice looking with the piano. 2: It wasn’t until after I was done that I was informed harps are big. Like, really big. You can’t really tell when looking at pictures on the Internet.

Anyway, this was fun, I’m going to work on comic book stuff some more. Lol, I decided that maybe I should make a plot before I start drawing comics. What a novel idea! XD

Update: As it turns out, the tiny harp is actually the size they come in places like Ireland and Scotland, a Celtic style harp, and they sit in your lap. So there you go.


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