Baseball Game

So, I’m still kind of bored and uninspired, but this was a great project to work on. It’s supposed to be simple, I’ve decided that water color works better on simple projects that would be in the garbage can if they had no color. Because it takes 15 minutes to actually draw the thing. Water color makes it interesting!


I think I’m going to work on my comic book ideas some more… because I’m uninspired and it will totally be productive.

You know what, I don’t care, I’ll DO something! Like… draw… something.

I actually went to this baseball game I drew, it was really fun! And I hid my signature on there three times. See if you can find them!


4 thoughts on “Baseball Game

  1. Naomi –

    Sorry that we didn’t leave a comment when we first saw your sketches, drawings & watercolors. We have been enjoying each new posting as you have been creating them.

    It is clear to us that God has given you a great ability to lay down lines which are both accurate to the image you are intending to relate as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It will be most interesting to see your own mind’s eye further develop as you try different techniques and keep producing works like we’ve seen. Most important will be seeing how your own “artist’s identity” that is so evident to the beholder gradually takes shape.

    We think you have a great future in the art arena. Please keep it up! We are anxiously waiting for your next post!

    GrUncNorm & GrAuntSher


    1. Thank you!
      I am trying to figure out why someone searched my name on Publisher’s Clearing House and was directly linked to my site. If that was you, or anyone reading this comment, could you let me know? I searched my name on the site and the page isn’t loading. I’m not sure I like a site linking to mine and I didn’t know about it… unless it’s from the ClubHouse magazine thing, then I’m fine with it. I like to be on top of things.


      1. I found it, it’s just a search engine. Whew. I thought it was a more personal search thing. Like, “Who is this person” And you don’t even know you’re on there, like a person tracker. I’m good now.


  2. Naomi –

    I am sorry that we did not post a comment sooner. I must say from the first sketches, drawings and watercolors I saw of yours, that God has given you a rare talent. You have the ability to put down lines that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as accurate to the intended image. I can see your own style developing, especially in this watercolor.

    I am glad to see that you talk about it being fun as that will help carry you along the way as you learn more and more techniques and methods. Talk about endless opportunity!

    Thank you for posting these!

    GrUncNorm & GrAntSher


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