A Lion Roaring

Just a random picture I decided to draw.


It’s not as good of quality as my other scans because the scanner insisted that someone else was using it even though there’s… one computer. Ugh. Technology. Anyway, so I had to access this webpage that controls the scanner blah blah blah, thus there is not as good of a quality. Nuff said.

Anyway, I just decided to draw a lion roaring… because… I’ve had enough of playing my 3DS. I sat on the couch playing Wednesday evening, all day Thursday, and a bit this morning, but being sick is NO EXCUSE to sit on my duff all day! Well, actually it is, and I was feeling terrible yesterday, but today I feel relatively fine, I’m ranting now. I’ve been listening to Adventures In Odyssey while drawing and playing my 3DS, has anyone heard the “Lights Out At Whit’s End” episode? (I can guarantee  most of you who are following my blog have not listened to Adventures In Odyssey at all, but it’s pretty cool, you should check it out, or the Radio Theatre, that’s cool too, but I don’t listen to it as often) Anyway, “Lights Out At Whit’s End” what never released for sale because the writers thought the rap song at the end was way too embarrassing.They finally released it for free and I’ll have to agree with the embarrassing part. I listened to it because I’ve never heard any of the Officer Harley episodes and I’ve wanted to see why they removed the character from the show.

Ranting! I’m done now. AIO geek, Mario geek, drawing freak.

270 words!


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