Ganondorf Unraveled

This guy was FUN! There’s so many different versions of him I mixed a bunch to create my own!

HNI_0065 Square. The most useful shape so far.

HNI_0066 I outlined the face. You’ll immediately notice the square jaw and heavy eyebrow.

HNI_0067 His eyebrow kind of overlaps the rest of his face.

HNI_0068 Immediately added snarl to his face. It defines his character.

HNI_0069 Most of his face is hair, so here comes the fun part, making it look like hair.

HNI_0070 I wasn’t finished with the hair, but I needed an ear.

HNI_0071 There we go! Notice how the hair is raised, that’s what makes it look bushy. It increased the size of his jaw, too.

HNI_0072 His… hairpiece. I decided not to do the complicated woven in thing. BTW, I was following the facial structure of his artwork in Hyrule Warriors, because it was much more energetic than Brawl and Twilight Princess and so forth. However, the long and flowing hair I was not so happy with. Thus, the short hair.

HNI_0073 Now we add some shag to his hair and a snarl to his face! This is what really, really makes him look like Ganondorf.

HNI_0074 Some hairs sticking out of the beard and eyebrow.

HNI_0075 Finished with his face, now begins the outfit!

HNI_0076 Big circle for his arm.

HNI_0077 I messed with the arm a lot as you’ll see in the other pictures.

HNI_0078 Add some arm armor like in Hyrule Warriors.

HNI_0085 And chest armor…

\HNI_0086 And belts…

HNI_0087 And a long cape, because the short cape from the waist reminds me too much of Sonic And The Black Knight, and I hated that game.

HNI_0088 And a pupil for his eyeball! I also thickly outlined the underside of his eyebrow to make it more noticeable.

Scan_Pic0081 Ganondorf! Ready for battle!


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