Link Unraveled

I scheduled this post instead of immediately uploading it, because it’s my way of remembering Satoru Iwata along with everyone else at Nintendo. Flags at Nintendo Of America and Nintendo Of Europe are at half mast today, they aren’t putting posts on any social networking sites out today, so I won’t either. This will be posted at 6 AM on the 14th. (If I used the scheduling thingy right)

You know, things like this really make you realize that you don’t know when death is at your door. Or when someone you know or love will die. So tell them! Tell them you love them, tell them they meant a lot to you! I remember being in an online school, and my favorite teacher had given a class that day. Got done with school, went to go play, and went to bed, got up the next morning to find out that same teacher had died of cancer during the night. You don’t know. So don’t put it off.

So, we have Link, who will hopefully be in my latest drawing if I don’t fail miserably. This is just a sketch, I will do the three or four stages before complete thing, but I have never drawn Link before (technically I have, but it wasn’t supposed to look like Link, it was supposed to look like goo that I joked was Link) so this is how I went about it.

HNI_0044 I started with the mystical magical square.HNI_0045 And then went ahead with the face outline.

HNI_0046 And immediately oversized the nose. 😀

HNI_0047 And this is where it starts looking weird. Bear with me, it turns out fine!

HNI_0048 Give him scraggle hair, and he looks fine, see?

HNI_0049 Lol you guys are lucky you missed the part where I had an X for his eyeball. Figured out his face structure, and gave him a Sonic The Hedgehog spike hat.

HNI_0050 Now we start with his body. The shoulder is one of the most important parts, because the shoulders add depth. So, because he is standing side ways, we make the shoulder closer to us slightly higher than the shoulder further away.

HNI_0051 And started the arm.

HNI_0052 and changed the arm like three times before I took this picture. Then I gave him some of his belt stuff.

HNI_0053 “It’s a kilt!!” “No it’s a skirt!” “It’s a KILT!!!!!!” IDK what it is. Tunic, perhaps? At least he wears pants underneath. I tried not to make it too long.

HNI_0054 Okay, so here are his legs… moving on…

HNI_0056 and we add details to these legs so they become pants! Hooray! Handless, but not pantless!

HNI_0057 And this is why Link is still handless, because I gave him his Hylian Shield.

HNI_0058 The shield wasn’t that much of a pain. It only took me forever. 🙂 Not really.

HNI_0059 The details, however, were the hard part. The bird, especially. Trying to keep the engravings or whatever they are even. It’s a pain.

HNI_0060 I mean, NO, it’s incredibly easy to draw all these… right. Totally and completely easy.

HNI_0061 And I drew a really sloppy hand and gave Link a shrimpy sword!

HNI_0062 Okay I fixed the hand and beefed up the sword. If you click on the picture you can see a little bit of the line near the top that I erased. That was a little TOO beefed up. It looked like Shulk’s sword.

HNI_0063 And finally, I gave Link a droopy hat. Magical Sonic spike hat just doesn’t cut it.

HNI_0064 Okay, I goofed, here’s the REAL finally! Almost. I colored Link’s eye because I forgot to.

Scan_Pic0078 FOR REAL THIS TIME. The finally! I personally think it’s not bad for a first time. There’s a lot I’m gonna change as it goes through a bunch of stages, but now I know what I’m doing! Yaaayy!!

Update: My memoriam or whatever you call it to Satoru Iwata made it to the Nintendo World Store in New York thanks to one of the MyNintendoNews writers.

My Satoru Iwata memoriam at the Nintendo World Store They have a table dedicated to writing these there today. (Mine is the one in the middle)


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