Door To A Fortress

This took awhile because a bunch of other things came up, and I couldn’t figure out what to do for clouds, but here it is!!!

Scan_Pic0076 I like the offset, because it gives a slightly uncomfortable feeling. I used one point perspective, the point is right at the top of the tower. The stones took forever. Forever. Eight hours. I wish I had just concentrated, I could have had it done in a fourth of that time.

Anyway, it’s here, IDK what I’ll do next. I’m thinking about a Zelda drawing, but the last time I drew Link I threw the drawing away and drew a picture of goo and called it “Link goo” so yeah. But that was like, two years ago so we’ll see.

This was inspired by a mix of Bowser’s Castle and The Hobbit. More of the Hobbit.


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