Forest and Mountains

I like this. The forest is not quite the way I wanted it but hey, practice makes perfect, right?

Scan_Pic0075 Next I’m doing some sort of fortress thing. Door to the fortress in the mountain or something like that.

I don’t know when my next video game project will be… I need some more inspiration. Like maybe Mario Vs. Sonic or something like that.

You know what I had an idea for a Legend Of Zelda drawing I never did… hm….

Hey, if anyone wants a how to draw fill in the blank just let me know!


242 thoughts on “Forest and Mountains

  1. My personal opinion is that the fan ballot is completely legit, and unless a character absolutely cannot be in the game (legal, or copyright reasons or something like that) then whoever wins will be a DLC character. It is a great marketing strategy though, and it does increase over all fan contentment, so it’s a double win.


    1. It is a double win, and even more so because they put out this ballot before E3, so whatever negative fan feedback from E3 can be allayed by getting the customers’ favorite characters and putting them into Amiibo and Smash and whatever else. They can’t mess it up, though, no one wants a King K. Rool suit, they want the character!


  2. No unfortunately I don’t think so, his Ammibo was not a smash Ammibo it was just a normal Ammibo like the animal crossing Ammibo line. I would like to see him in smash though, i love Shovel Knight. And the trailer is embedded in an MNN post so you can watch the video without going to YouTube.


    1. I still can’t if it’s a YT embed, I have a program on my computer that doesn’t let me watch it. So you think he won’t be in Smash? What else would you use a Shovel Knight amiibo for, unless the game he comes from has Amiibo support?


      1. The Ammibo (atleast from what the trailer said) unlocks challenges in Shovel Knight, and let’s you play Co-op. It probably works for other games but that’s not stated.

        Yeesh not even embedded videos? I mean I know there’s bad stuff on YouTube but it’s easily avoided. There’s also a lot of good on YouTube. A better idea would be to just use an add on you can download on your computer that every week( you can change the frequency), sends a list of websites you’ve been on, and highlights in red places it thinks are bad. That way you can be on YouTube, but your parents know exactly what videos you are watching on it.


      2. Yes, well I used to be a bad punk, and anything like that I would have found a way around it, like the last program we had a few years ago I completely brushed it aside. They trust me now, and have for a long time, but I don’t like to bring up watching YouTube.
        Okay, so unlocks challenges. I mean, let’s face it, this Smash Bros. ballot is a complete and total marketing strategy, and I have to wonder if they aren’t just using this to improve their fan’s loyalty and happiness. The ballot closes in October.


  3. Oh and it’s fine that you didn’t delete it right away, it’s hard to see the comment in which I told you to because it’s in an older comment stream. Sorry for freaking out I was kinda panicking a small bit.


      1. Good. Did you see the shovel knight Ammibo reveal trailer? It was VERY funny, and cheesy on purpose and in a good way! And it’s perfectly fine that you forgot, no harm done😀


      2. I actually can’t see it because I’m not allowed Youtube. But I bet it’s funny, maybe I can find a flash embed of it somewhere.
        So, do you think Shovel Knight is gonna be in Smash?


      1. Dude, I think you have really good story ideas, and you seem to have put the books in a good order. A question, however, how long are the books? Do your story outlines just highlight the main pieces or are your books going to be a more short kind of chapter book? Those stories are going to be great, nonetheless.


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