Princess Peach Unraveled

I have never, ever drawn Princess Peach before, and I wanted her in my drawing, so here is her experimental sketch and how I went about it:

HNI_0005 I looked at her head and decided to start with a box. HNI_0006 Then,I began to form the head shape within the box. HNI_0007 Relative head shape.

HNI_0008 I widened her jaw a bit here. Throughout these next few photos I kept altering the jaw.

HNI_0009 Now I began some hair. Her eye was particularly difficult.

HNI_0010 I added an ear and begin her neckline. HNI_0012 I tweaked a few things and started the body. Her eye wasn’t looking right until I added eyelashes. Remember that, aspiring drawers!

HNI_0013 Her dress. Kept it nice and simple. HNI_0014 Not simple anymore. I lengthened her hair to more long and flowing.

HNI_0015 Long and flowing hair.

HNI_0016 Now begins the hand! This is also “handy” (ha, ha.) because then I don’t have to sit there and erase her face five times because I can’t get a good mouth. HNI_0017 The hand… is formed.

HNI_0018 Then I erased the dress and went with a more SSBB look. HNI_0019 Then I added the hint of another hand on the other side. It gives it a 3D look.

HNI_0020 And finally, a thick outline, because it makes cartoon characters more lovable and cuddly, and whatever else Princess Peach is.  HNI_0021



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