Bowser unraveled

So, I figure you all might like to see Bowser in steps while I’m drawing him- the bad quality pictures were taken with my 3DS.

HNI_0072 First we start with the face. Mouth very first.HNI_0073 Then we give him a bit of a neck and the beginnings of a shell.HNI_0074 Reckoning on how big the legs and body should be. Then we can move on to other things.

HNI_0075  Shell.

HNI_0076 Beginning on Bowser’s arm. This is actually a bit tricky. What pose do we want his arm in?

HNI_0077 Now we add beef to his arm. When looking at his official artwork pictures, we see that his hand is almost as big as his face.

HNI_0078Now we begin on his legs. I just plain finished his foot because there isn’t much to do there.

HNI_0079 Adding another arm.

HNI_0080 Taking a bit of hand shape. This arm is also beefy. HNI_0081 Now, we polish the shape of his shell, so that it’s mostly equal.HNI_0082Roughly placing his spike bases. HNI_0083 Smoothing these bases out so that they’re mostly equal. HNI_0084 Added the spikes, and his right hand has taken form. HNI_0085 His other hand takes form. HNI_0086 After, we add minor details, tail, cuffs, extra spikes, chest shell details, and so on.

Scan_Pic0066 Bowser’s ready for what I have in store for him! In this case, I have a couple more characters to do before he can be in the final drawing.


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