Versatile Blogger Award

Okay, I found out what this is, and now I’m participating! “Thank you” to Afellowhumanray for nominating me, and I found out I have to nominate people of my own! I don’t blog very much, so I will nominate as many blogs as I can, so here goes!

Justafellowhumanray for the awesome robot comics and things to think about.

Earthandoak for the really cool Hobbit stuff and pictures.

Whatrhinosaid for the video game stuff, and for being my 100th like. 🙂

So…. I really don’t think I’ve been on here long enough to nominate 15 blogs, (I can’t think of that many!! I follow 1 blog) so that can be it.

7 Things about myself: (part of the rules)

1. Instrumental music for inspiration. It’s AWESOME!

2. If I had to pick dogs or cats I would pick dogs because they will clean up your floor.

3. My desk is usually a mess.

4. If I had to pick a totally unrealistic job it would be working as a video game collectibles dealer. Or working at IGN. That would be cool too.

5. I usually take a week for a normal sized drawing project. I think. Come to think of it, it varies.

6. Once I held a snake. A very BIG snake, I think is was a boa constrictor or something.

7. Super Smash Bros, Mario, and Luigi’s Mansion are my favorite kinds of video games. (Sonic… It depends on the game. ) If you’ll excuse me I’m going to go finish this up and play video games. 🙂


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