What’s Your Inspiration?

Leave your answer in the comments. My inspiration is the Bible, and some music I listen to (Mostly Lord of the Rings and video game music) and some movies I watch (Mostly the Lord of the Rings) and some video games I play (Mostly Nintendo). I’m also inspired when my train of thought goes from the one thing to the next to the next, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!

What’s yours? Do you find it difficult to get inspired?


3 thoughts on “What’s Your Inspiration?

  1. Bouncing around your blog, and naturally, one goes to the last post, but then I noticed no one has answered your question. I shall. The Bible is a wonderful inspiration (Ecclesiastes to be specific) and I find artists such as TobyMac, Crowder, Switchfoot, Skillet, NEEDTOBREATHE, and TFK very inspiring. I use their work for writing, though, so we have a bit of difference in there. (Also, Tolkien rocks, any fictional literature he wrote besides Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.)

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    1. Haha! Thanks for answering the question, I had forgotten I asked it so long ago. My tastes have changed, the Bible of course still stands but yes Crowder, TobyMac, Skillet, and I pull a lot of inspiration from watching real people. I don’t really play video games anymore so it’s funny it should be in that old post.
      Thanks for sharing!


      1. Ya, it is funny how that happens. Sometimes I wonder if the old posts are ever read, so I make a point to read the first and the last, compare them and draw a conclusion about the blog from that. (But then again, I’ve followed a few blogs with only one post as of yet 🙂 )


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